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Roncadello Zibeline Zoe


seal mitted; chocolate carrier
HCM N / N (Vetogene certificate)
blood group: N / N (through her parents)
heart ultrasound scan on 02.12.2011: normal
heart ultrasound scan on 19.12.2013: normal

Zoe is Despina's daughter and it was impossible for us to part with her! It's difficult to find the words to describe her as she is a combination of lots of opposite features: she's innocent yet crafty, gracefull yet clumsy, lazy yet curious, relaxed yet active... always looking for cuddles although she'll never refuse a good chasing game... Well, she has a number of qualities that make her irresistible! One thing is for sure: one can never get bored with Zoe around!

Although her temper is her main force point she has also a very good structure and weight, beautiful harmonious proportions, perfect markings and a coat to die for!